The Basics

Mission Statement

The mission of Day Camp Adventures is to provide parents with alternatives to traditional day care experiences, while engaging children with developmentally appropriate activities.  We strive to create a fun and motivational environment that stimulates both staff and clientele.



The camp day begins in the morning at one of our home parks – Campbell Park (Clive), Country Club Glen (Clive), Wildwood Park (Clive),  GymSpace (Waukee),  Stonegate Park (Clive), or Greenbelt Park (Clive). While campers are arriving they have the opportunity to play in the park facility as well as participate in games and team building activities with our staff. Once all campers have arrived, the rest of our day begins. A typical camp day generally involves a morning and an afternoon field trip. We usually take a lunch break either at a local park or on the grounds of one of our field trips.  We are dedicated to activities that will challenge and stimulate our campers as well as simply be fun!  Our tentative schedule is located on the Field Trips page on this site.  However, please keep in mind that should the need arise, due to weather or other reasons, it may be necessary to substitute field trips.  Our goal is to keep that to a minimum and thus we will do our best to keep you informed of any changes as they arise.  We appreciate your understanding and hope you agree with our commitment to fill this summer with amazing experiences and field trips.


Tuition for Day Camp Adventures is $195 per week.  Weekly tuition includes transportation costs and field trip expenses.  We also offer a daily rate of $42 per day with a minimum of 2 days per week.  We feel that this weekly price is competitive for outstanding childcare, but also necessary to provide the highest quality and number of field trips. We ask that the first week’s tuition accompany your enrollment form.  For all weeks after that, payment can be made at the park when your child is dropped off the first day that they attend that week.

Cancellation Policy/Late Fees

We work very hard to be flexible and understanding when it comes to schedule changes.  Prior to camp many of our field trips are paid for and our counselors are scheduled to adequately prepare for a safe counselor to camper ratio.  For these reasons it is essential that we have an accurate count of how many campers to plan for each day.  As parents we recognize that life gets busy and schedules change, therefore our cancellation policy is as follows: Prior to April 1st you can make any changes to your enrollment that you need.  After April 1st you will be allowed to make 1 additional change to a week of your choice (a minimum of one week in advance) without having to pay tuition.  Any other changes outside of that will result in full tuition being due.  In order to ensure safe and legal ratios changes may not be made at the park site.  All changes must be made through the camp office via phone or email.    Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.  Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications.

Please remember to drop off at the park by 8:30, unless otherwise noted on the schedule.  If your child has a lesson, appointment, etc. that interferes with this time, please contact one of the counselors as soon as possible to make arrangements for drop off that day.  The afternoon pick up begins at 4:30 and we ask that your child is picked up by 5:45.  To compensate our staff for any time after 5:45, a $10 late fee per child will be charged. As outlined in our cost information, payment is due the first day your child attends each week.  For each day that your payment is late there will be a $10 late fee assessed.  There is also a $20 fee for returned checks.  We appreciate your understanding with these policies and procedures.



Campers may be dropped off in the mornings between 7:00 and 8:30 am and may be picked up at the park between 4:30 and 5:45 pm.  For safety reasons, attendance sheets must be signed by the adult dropping the camper off and again when they are picked up.  We also appreciate the opportunity to greet you and answer any questions you may have about our day.

Park Locations

Day Camp Adventures operates from six sites.

These sites will operate independently of one another except for a few field trips.  Occasionally parents ask us what the “best site” is.  Well, that would be like picking a favorite child – and despite what our kids might tell you we don’t have favorite kids (plus it would be the dog anyway).  We strongly believe that all of our sites offer great experiences for our campers.

Our sites are open to kids entering kindergarten through seventh grade.

Campbell Park – Clive: South of Hickman Road.  Take 128th Street to Woodland Parkway.  Go East on Woodland Parkway.  The park is located just past the softball diamonds.

Country Club Glen– Clive (Near Waukee):  North of Hickman Road.  Take Berkshire Parkway to the roundabout, turn right on Sheridan Avenue.  The park is located behind Des Moines Pediatrics.

Wildwood Park– Clive: South of Hickman Road off of Boone Drive.  Turn East onto Wildwood Drive.  The park entrance will be on the right hand side.

GymSpace– Waukee: 1120 SE Westbrook Drive, Waukee. South of Hickman. Take Alice’s Road to Westbrook Drive. We are the second building on the right hand side.

Stonegate Park– Clive: 15280 Boston Parkway, Clive.  North of Hickman Road,  East of 156th Street.

Greenbelt Park –  10490 Maddox Parkway, Clive: South of Hickman, East of 100th Street (tucked behind 7 Flags Event Center)

Our staff will be located at the parks and waiting to greet you.


If your child will need medication dispersed during the day, please discuss this with a counselor when your child is dropped off.  The counselor will write down dosage amounts and times and will be responsible for the medication throughout the day.


With weather the way it is in Iowa there will be many days when we are swimming or participating in water activities.  Please consider your child’s swimming ability and feel free to send along a life jacket if desired.  Also, it is helpful to dialogue with your child and our counselors as far as what you believe to be your camper’s true swimming abilities.  Our counselors are in the pool with our campers and very attentive to their abilities and needs.  This information from you is helpful as they begin to get to know your child.



On occasion photos of camp activities are taken and used on the Camp Website or Facebook page.  Please contact us If you would prefer your child not be included in any group photos.

What to Bring

Because our schedule varies everyday we have found it is best to be prepared!  Campers should have a bag or backpack with them daily in order to keep track of the following items.

Things to Bring:

• Swimsuit and towel – on days specified for swimming

• Rain Gear

• Sunscreen and bug spray

• Lunch

• Snacks – we know how growing kids eat!

• Water bottle – we will help keep it filled during the day.

Things to Wear:

• Tennis shoes

• Socks

• Shorts/T-shirts

• Light colored clothing

• Sunscreen

A smile – and be ready to have fun!

Things we ask to be left at home:

• Cell phones

• Video games

• Any electronic devices

• Money (The only exception is that there will be field trips designated in advance where a small amount of money will be allowed.)

• Things of value that could be lost

Besides, we’ll be so busy, you wouldn’t have time for them anyway!

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