When does registration begin?

Registration for Summer 2023 begins January 7th at 8am. Although you may want to log in and establish or update your account ahead of time to expedite your registration process.

What if I decide to unenroll?

Prior to April 1st you may make any changes to your enrollment that you like. We ask that all changes be made by either emailing or calling our office. Please note that failure to may your enrollment fee does not equate to unenrolling.

How much does Day Camp Adventures cost?

Tuition for Summer 2023 is $195 for a complete week or $42 per day (with a 2 day minimum each week that you choose to enroll).

Which site is the best?

Well that would be like asking us which one of our kids is our favorite (and if you ask our kids, they would tell you that it’s the dog anyway). We believe that all 6 sites offer great experiences for our campers, otherwise we wouldn’t offer them. DCA has been operating for over 20 years and we choose locations carefully. We are also grateful to the City of Clive for partnering with us as we use their parks. We appreciate that they recognize that we take great care of the parks that we visit.

How can I make a payment?

Payment can be made by cash or check weekly at the park. We also have families that set up autopay through their bank and have it mailed directly to us. We also have a Venmo account that we can use @DayCampAdventures. Please note that payment is due by the first day that a camper attends each week. Additionally, the first week’s tuition is due when a camper is enrolled.

What if I need a receipt for my flex spending account? Do you have a Tax ID Number?

Our Tax ID number is 26-0018826. Receipts can be printed at any time by logging into your account and doing the following:

Click on the three grey bars by Reservations.

Click the + sign by My Account

Choosing Finances

Choosing Print a Statement

How old do you have to be to attend DCA?

Our campers are entering Kindergarten in the fall through entering 7th grade. However, the bulk of our campers tend to be K-5.

What if the site that I want is full?

If you are certain that you want to be a part of DCA, we would encourage you to quickly enroll in another site to ensure that you have a spot. You can then email us to be placed on a waiting list for the site or sites that you were wanting. We can’t promise that we will be able to move you to that site, however the closer that we get to April 1st we often do have shifting that happens to our enrollment and many times we are able to make that placement. We would also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our locations. We often hear “we can only attend ____ (site) because of where we live”. Please note that even though many of our locations have Clive addresses they may in fact be closer to your home or work than you think. Sometimes families end up at their “second” choice and then end up loving that site so much that they continue to attend that location year after year and never end up choosing to go to the site that they originally thought that they had to have. If you aren’t able to secure a place at your first choice we would encourage you to keep an open mind about our other sites and counseling staffs. Trust us, they are all wonderful.

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